Welcome To Strategies

This is a real opportunity to work directly with Sirr Love to improve your music business or career trajectory. Before we list the details, please review the offer straight from the horse’s mouth. 

“Thanks for your interest in working with me. Thank you for allowing me to play a role in guiding you to success in this space. I’m super excited to reveal Phase VI Strategies. Phase VI strategy is a 30-day commitment with limited slots. This process includes several consultations, where I will also personally take the time to review your business strategy, help you refine/build it custom to your brand, and hold you accountable for the tasks we put in motion during that plan development. This is a full-on BootCamp designed to re-spark your vision, passion, and execution. It’s time to put points on the board. Let me show you how! Book your first appointment, and the time starts from there. I look forward to working with you.”

-Sirr Love


The first 1hr long session will be used to set expectations and understand the scope of your business/career. Additional sessions will be scheduled after this initial meeting.

Sessions could include consultations regarding publishing, royalties, contract negotiations, team building, branding, marketing, promotions Karma business strategy, business development, company development, business plan development, artist relations, client relations, strategy ideation, optimization of current Revenue paths, consultation to Aid in music related employment opportunities, booking, getting paid gigs, sales, networking, budgeting, task mastery, vision scaling, creative development, artist development, music reviews and consultations, release strategies, music video planning, Single release strategy, album release strategy, and other where applicable.

Note: This offer does not give you access to Sirr Love’s contacts, resources, etc. He will help you use your current network to push toward your goals.