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Phase VI is an online platform designed to educate, motivate, and provide support for future artists, managers, producers, executives, agents, publicists, and songwriters.



Historically, the music business had a list of barriers to entry: filters, gatekeepers, high entry costs, limited distribution channels, etc. These barriers helped to breed knowledgeable executives. However, now we live in an independent music renaissance lead largely by uneducated and miseducated future leaders. These leaders are without barriers and many operate with limited knowledge. Phase vi empowers these leaders mentally by curating real talk presentations and conversations about the business.

We provide people the basic tools to protect themselves and respect others through common business practices and knowledge. Most of all, phase vi teaches the basic, and the intangible, knowledge of the music business in a comfortable and relatable setting and language.



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History & Timeline


Sirr Love started as an intern with Nitti Beatz in 2006-2007 and worked his way into various roles including, Marketing and Head of Operations with Infrared Entertainment. He worked in tandem with Ush Records, Nappy Boy Ent, Redzone Ent, and others before taking a licensing role with MTV/Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. He then started Forward.


Phase VI Started as a Nonprofit organizataion. The organization partnered with Chris Kids and Neyo’s Compound Foundation under the name Forward Services. Here Forward worked in music therapy and taught music business courses to underserved youth and aspiring artists in assisted living programs


The early success of the program lead to implementation across Atlanta Public Schools, Dekalb Family and Children’s Services, Dekalb Juvenile Justice, YMCA, Atlanta Missions, and Dekalb Parks & Recreation.


After 3 Years of dedicated service to the community founder Sirr Love rebranded Forward as Phase VI, a Video tool to help more people learn the business. The informal methodology caught on and led to scalable growth and wider educational range.

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We believe that everyone looking to excel in music is an entrepreneur.
We built the 6 phases to mirror the cyclical process of success as an entrepreneur.
What Is Phase VI

Phase I – Lost
Unaware of your potential, and unaware of opportunity. Lost doesn’t mean scared, it doesn’t mean fear, it means that you lack the direction and knowl-edge of the future, while in the present.

Phase II – Indifferent
You recognize that you need a change but are in between emotions. This could be caused by comfort, arrogance, fear, lack of humility, lack of drive/ambition, lack of drive/work ethic, lack of faith, and excuses.

Phase Ill – Decide
You decide to take action toward a particular goal/direction. You make up your mind. Here is when planning and research begins.

Phase IV – Act (Pedal to metal)
You decide to stop talking about it and you start doing it! You stop planning and procrastinating. At this point, you commit! You give it your all and allow the cards to fall where they may! You work!

Phase V – Persevere and Commit
Habituate the patterns of success in your new goal or direction. You endure sacrifices in order to achieve the higher goal. Overcome constant adversity and challenges. Research, learn, improve self, in order to grow.

Phase Vi – Adversity & Opportunity
You have acquired all the necessary skills and now you have the opportunity face the challenge that could help you reach that next milestone.

Phase VI


Before I get into the name dropping and accomplishments, I want you to know that I am a fan of music. A true fan. Before becoming Head of Operations for an Independent at 23 and before my first “real” internship at 17. I was performing in nightclubs starting at 13. “Managing” acts at 12. Writing songs at 8. Playing with all the musical toys at 2. Singing, most likely off-key, at 1 and the nurse would go on to say I came out humming. I love music. I can talk for hours about multiple genres and what I think should be released and what I think the music industry should be. However. This isn’t about me. This is about the millions of people that aspire to be great. The ones that need to know what I wish I knew sooner than I did. This is for the future of music.

I spent many years working with names like Trey Songz, T-Pain, Usher, One Chance, Nitti, DJ Scream, Wakka Flocka, Tricky Stewart, Soundz, Quentin Miller, T’melle, Lil Scrappy, Stevie J, Benzino, and more. I had the opportunity to be a part of, work for, or work with: Nitti Beats, Ush Records, Redzone, Epic Records, Nappy Boy, VH1 and more. I’ve been the intern, the legal assistant, the marketing guy, head of marketing, and head of operations for management companies and production imprints. I started Phase VI really because I get so many calls from people that need my assistance Sometimes it’s kids from my Non-Profit, sometimes it’s business associates, and sometimes it’s independents. So in 2015, I dedicated a piece of myself to the future of music through an physical nonprofit that grew into, the now digital, Phase VI. I hope to deliver all that I know and some of what others contribute to a conversation. Real talk, no chaser, no BS. Raw knowledge. I’d love you to be apart of the future of music in this way as well. We lived in an era of each 1 teach one. Now each one can teach millions.